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Your Ability is an IOU

You have a natural-born ability. That's very special.

But it is really just a theoretical thing. It's a potential asset. It's a promise of payment in the nebulous future. It's an IOU.

What does it take to turn your ability into reality?

It takes work. Work makes a potential thing a real thing. It turns a clever blueprint into an actual building. It takes the gifts that you possess and turns them into gifts that you give to the world. It turns theoretical into useful.

So, just work? It's that simple?

Well, almost. But first, you need to have the desire to work. You need to have the need to turn your ability into actuality. Maybe that means that a work ethic is the best gift to be born with (or to develop). Sometimes, the desire to work hard comes from within. Perhaps it forms in you from an example you've witnessed. Perhaps someone you know, someone in your family, possesses that all-important ethic, and you learn it through osmosis.

Or maybe it's something that's forced upon you. Maybe your parents made you sit and take endless piano lessons, made you practice, made you give up playing with the other kids now and then so that you could focus on your music. Maybe your boss insists you do better or else lose your job. Maybe an improv director won't accept your "ability IOU" forever, and expects you to perform up to your potential.

It doesn't matter where your work ethic comes from. You need it in order to spend less time as a passenger and more time as a leader. As a good example.

Everyone does the IOU thing now and then. You can't live your daily life with your nose to the grindstone 24/7.

This is good news. Maybe the thing you think you're not that good at is something you could be good at...if only you worked at it a little. Sports teams practice very hard, so that they can relax more during a big game and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Cash in the IOU you give to yourself. Get greater personal value out of your potential. Make it real!

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