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So Old It's New: Maybe Older Players Do Get It

Unless you're me, there are improvisers in your troupe or class that are older than you. In some cases, they maybe much older.

You try to slow down to let them catch up. But you're filled with new ideas and unexplored directions. Their brains just don't work quickly enough. They often don't think you're very clever, because they just don't get what you're trying to do. They're so close to being in the ground that they don't appreciate when you try to break new ground.

We've run into condescending players like you. Maybe the thing that they have is a thing that you have in less abundance: perspective.

Maybe they aren't wowed by you because they've seen what you are doing before. They may have seen it long ago. They may have seen it many times. It's new and shiny to you, but to them, it's unoriginal.

Some of the first rappers were gospel singers and preachers, long ago. Bob Dylan did stuff in the 1960s that, today, would be considered rap. New sitcoms are often old sitcoms recycled. Maybe the producers really don't know they're serving up leftovers. Or maybe they think you'll think it's new and fresh because you don't know anything that happened more than five years ago.

Those who don't know comedy history are doomed to repeat it. Yes, the old fart may not get it. But maybe it's because he got it before you were born. Now get off my lawn!

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